SOHN — Trust

As SOHN becomes more confident in his ability to sing and write taut, simple-but-effective songs, he drifts further away from his electronica-heavy roots. Tremors is a fine album, especially for a debut, and Rennen sees the beginnings of this evolution, but it is here on Trust that he finally places his own trust in his craft. The result is SOHN’s best album to date—a collection of songs that can reach across genres and appeal to a wider audience.

Starting with an oddball intro and the thumping bass percussion of “Antigravity,” the set hints at SOHN’s past work, but with the sparsely accompanied “Figureskating, Neusiedlersee,” he begins to push his writing and voice forward in the mix. Combined with a less-hurried delivery, songs are able to breathe, showcasing both tremendous vocals, and a few pretty melodies. There are still moments of old SOHN thrown in on a track like “M.I.A.,” which works better as a change of pace instead of the main fare as in albums past.

At its apex—the four-song stretch from “I Won’t” to “Truce”—the LP approaches the level of Peter Gabriel and other ‘80s alt-pop icons, but it can’t quite maintain that strength throughout. Admittedly, it also lacks a wider breadth of shapes and melodies, but this is nitpicking. Truth is a very enjoyable listen, a new artistic peak for a great singer, and a positive step towards SOHN’s next incarnation.

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